Strawberry Macarons (Macaroon)

photo (21)

It’s been a while since i’ve made some macarons as I have been practicing for some upcoming weddings cakes.

However, I still really want to experiment with new colours and flavours and those who have made macarons will know that as they are so temperamental it’s really important to make them frequently to become good at them.

Im finding that one of the biggest challenges at the moment is adding colour as this affects the consistency of the batter and the cooking time quite dramatically so you have to keep an eye on them as I am finding that the time can vary from anywhere between 12 minutes and 18 minutes.

I kept these ones quite simple by using red food colouring to achieve the pink colour. This meant that I didn’t have to add too much colouring.

I then filled them with strawberry jam instead of a buttercream for a bit of variation.


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