Perfect Sugarpaste Coating

photo (22)

Tips to creating the perfect finish to an iced cake;

  • Mould the paste into a smooth ball making it easier to handle – don’t add any icing sugar to the paste yet as this could affect the consistency
  • Coat your work surface with a thin layer of icing sugar
  • Using a non stick rolling pin roll out the paste ensuring that it is big enough to cover the entire cake and leave an over hang on each side
  • Alternate the sides of the past which you are rolling to prevent the paste from sticking to the surface
  • Drape the paste of the rolling pin
  • Roll the paste over the cake making sure the cake is fully covered and that there is excess paste on each side of the cake
  • Starting from the centre of the cake use a circular motion with your hands moulding the paste onto the cake until your have it fully covered
  • Cut off the excess with a sharp knife
  • To obtain the perfect finish, use your hand to buff the paste using circular motions. This will leave a smooth, perfect finish.

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