Rustic Engagement Cake

Rustic Engagement Cake
Rustic Engagement Cake

This is one of my favourite styles of cake and is definitely something which I want to become really good at.

At the moment I am experimenting with a whole host of cakes and becoming really good at wedding cakes is my ultimate aim. Creating wedding cakes which are not only pretty and unique but cakes which taste great too, so for me, the taste is just as important as the overall finish and appearance of the cake.

This actual cake was made for a special occasion. One of my best friends got engaged a few weeks ago and she has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids in Italy next year which I am over the moon about. As I wanted to make this cake anyway I suggested I make it for her engagement party.

For the sponge I stuck with my trusted vanilla sponge recipe which I think is the perfect combination of ingredients. If cooked just right the result is a moist, light and fluffy sponge.

I made three large round cakes and stacked them up, layering with vanilla buttercream. I would usually use jam too but opted for just the buttercream this time.

3 Tier Stacked Vanilla Sponge
3 Tier Stacked Vanilla Sponge

I then made a huge batch of my vanilla buttercream recipe. A large amount is needed for this type of cake as I needed to cover the cake with a crumb coat and then have a lot of buttercream to work with to achieve the end result.

For the topping I was initially thinking of using real yellow roses and stacking them on top of the cake (yellow is a potential colour for the bridesmaids) instead I decided to make the roses out of icing. This is something which I have done previously but they didn’t turn out that great so I put in a lot of practice in the days running up to the party to ease the pressure. I used both yellow and white icing and the result was really good.

Handmade Sugar Roses
Handmade Sugar Roses

The preparation of the cake itself was not as stressful as I had anticipated however, I didn’t really think the transportation side of things through and didn’t have a box which was ideal for moving the cake. In the end I found 2 boxes in my garage and I was able to use the first one to hold the cake and the second one to act as a lid.

The journey was really stressful but we got there in one piece and the end result was totally worth it!

photo 3 (3)


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